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Thursday, July 26, 2007

A Psalm

In the morning
I rise to greet You and present
myself to You;
In the evening
I lay down with You
recalling Your great love
I take each step in between
my rising and sleeping conscious
of Your hand over me;
I take each breath between
my sleeping and my waking
secure in Your sovereignty.

Should the powers of hell come against me
Or the schemes of men overwhelm me,
If my breath should fail me
or my heart give way in my chest, this I know:

You are the Most High God
and all creation obeys Your decrees.

In secret You work the raging of demons
and the schemes of men
to accomplish Your just end.
You ordain sin, even my own sin,
yet You are still holy
And I can trust
that He who killed His own Son for my sake
will not abandon me
nor leave me to my enemies.

For this one thing I know:
How precious is the greatness of the
glory of Your grace;
And awe is the groaning in my mouth
And the tears of my face are called love.