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Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Two Psalms

How precious is Your Word to me,
that You have preserved it through generations
so it might feed me this day.
For this I cry out in thanksgiving.

I lift my hands to in praise to You;
You open my heart and my heart cries out,
my mind overflows from Your Spirit
pouring waves of mercy into my very soul.

I cry out to You, Abba, Father, and You bend Your ear
because my Savior pleads for me at Your right hand;
because His blood leeches the stains from my prayers,
I can sing to You like David, robed in the costume of Christ.

You are my breath, dear Jesus, my very breath
without You my bones would whither and rot;
at the loss of Your love, my thoughts would become rabid.
How much more my soul? How much worse would be my soul?

Blessed are You, O God of the nations,
O God of the heavens and the earth, O God of my soul.
Your Word is more cherished than any gem,
The tale of Your mercy, on my tongue, is the sweetest of foods.

I drink full from the cup of Your mercy,
and am satisfied,
and still You continue to pour.

Lord, make my heart race after Yours.

Make my thoughts march with Your thoughts,
my feet walking the straight path
You’ve laid out for me.

Conform me, my mind and my flesh,
the very fibers of my body,
to Your perfect law.

Let me not kick against the goads.
No, that I would not need them,
but that my every breath would come
as if Your hand pumped my chest like a bellows.

Let the words of my mouth
fan the flames of Your Spirit within me;
let obedience be my blood
and truth be the marrow of my bones.

You are God; in You do I move.
In Your sovereignty do I make
each movement of my own will.

I am free within Your grasp,
completely free in the palm of Your hand,
and no further.

How fearful this is, how secure.